An Australian dad with a diaper kink has been banned from seeing his children after his ex-wife revealed his intimate hobby during a family court hearing.

The woman said she was aware her ex-husband wore diapers on occasion, but things escalated when he eventually began "wearing the diapers around the home."

The ex-wife said that in 2019, she noticed a "partially exposed" diaper when her ex came to pick their kids up.

Concerned for her young children's safety, she decided to take legal action.

The man, whose identity has remained anonymous, initially appealed the Family Court of Australia's decision to ban him from seeing his children, claiming he was not a risk to his kids.

He felt he was being discriminated against for his lifestyle, which prompted him to seek legal action at the High Court.

As reported by the Mirror, Justice Hilary Hannan at the Family Court had reservations and explained that the man would not seek counseling, and therefore had not "satisfactorily addressed the issues of risk."

"I have great reservations and ultimately do not accept that the father has an authentic willingness or capacity to disavow engaging in the behaviors in question and in his connections to the community," Justice Hannan said.

Due to his alleged links to the "Adult Baby Diaper Lover Community" online, as well as his children's young age, both the mother and the family court were worried that the man's behavior could negatively affect the kids' mental health.

According to the Mirror, the ex-wife's legal team described the legal hearing as a "landmark" ruling.

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