A dad on Reddit received backlash for booking an appointment for his 17-year-old to get a nose job.

"I hadn't always raised my daughter, Sal. I was way too young and too preoccupied with studying and furthering my work as an artist. Her mother also wasn't too ecstatic about parenting, and just never really wanted kids in the first place, therefore Sal was mainly raised by my older brother and his partner," he began.

The man admitted he has "mostly stayed away," as his daughter is happy with his brother's family. Recently, however, he's been trying to forge a relationship with the teen.

"Sal has got my nose, and she isn't happy with it. She's said before that she can't wait until she's able to get a rhinoplasty operation. I can see why, we've both got absolutely huge, crooked noses. She does rather suit it, it compliments her face well, especially her lips and big eyes," he wrote in his post.

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Putting his personal opinions about her nose aside, for her 17th birthday he booked an appointment to "get her nose done."

"When I told her about it, she was ecstatic and very excited to get it done. We even went on a trip down to London (where she had her consultation) ... I let her drag me around all the boring galleries and museums she wanted to see. It was a very good bonding moment," he explained.

However, when he told his brother the surgery was approved, his brother was upset. "He said that I had no right to alter Sally's appearance, and her mom agreed, saying that Sal should learn to love her insecurities rather than rushing into surgery," he wrote.

"I told them that I wasn't altering her appointment. Sal has wanted a nose job, that's her prerogative. I've said that Sal shouldn't be forced to learn to accept her nose, if she wants it looking different then it is totally up to her," the man concluded.

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In the comments section, Reddit users criticized the man for overstepping in his daughter's life considering he didn't raise her.

"You didn't raise her and you probably don't know her that well. I think your brother is right because he knows her better than you. It sounds like you are trying to buy her love instead of earning it. If she still wants a nose job in her 20s then that's when you should pay for it," one person suggested.

"This feels like you overstepped. She’s a minor and it should be her parents' decision on things like this. I get it, you’re her 'father,' but you’re really just a fun uncle at this point," another wrote.

"Look, I get it, you want her to like you, but you gave up the right to make decisions about her health when you didn’t bother to be her parent. This is something your brother should have been included in talking to her about. If she wants a nose job, once she’s an adult, that’s different. Yeah, it’s only a year away, but you should have been discussing potential side effect, what happens as she grows, and her face changes, and the new nose doesn’t, etc. I’m not saying she should never get the nose job, but now is not the time," someone else commented.

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