French EDM duo Daft Punk are generating a deafening buzz that's louder than a tarmac for their upcoming album 'Random Access Memories.' The record drops May 21, and the first single is the excellent and unforgettable 'Get Lucky.'

Daft Punk haven't endeavored to release an album since 2005 and in the time that's lapsed, their genre of choice has exploded and become a cultural touchstone, something they're not exactly proud of, as they've been vocal in their criticism of the genre. The scene is saturated with DJs churning out large and loud club bangers for fans who are craving an "experience."

Leave it to this inimitable pair to continue to forge their own path, choosing to offer up something classier and with a decidedly '70s influence on 'Get Lucky.' They are distancing themselves from the popularly held notion of what EDM is and holding themselves to a higher standard by turning the spotlight on the beat and the song, as opposed to the "experience."

The intoxicating track features the falsetto vocals from Pharrell Williams, who is largely known for his production work, and a guitar contribution from Nile Rodgers.

If disco was still a viable genre in 2013, then 'Get Lucky' would reinvent the neo-disco genre and sound. Be honest -- weren't you grooving in your chair to the looped beat that is the track's undercurrent?

Daft Punk dole out gentleman's EDM and 'Get Lucky' consists of shiny, happy beats. The computerization and the synths have a softness to them that staves of the inorganic sound that can plague a lot of digitally engineered music. Basically, 'Get Lucky' doesn't sound like it was made on a MacBook Pro.

The song was teased with snippets and leaks, generating a lot of heat, but the final, official product superceedes all of the hype.

'Get Lucky' represents all that's right with electronic music.

Listen to Daft Punk 'Get Lucky,' Feat. Pharrell Williams + Nile Rodgers