Hold on to your hats -- because this dance group, The Company, is about to blow your mind with their amazing choreographed routine to 'Turn Down for What'!

The DJ Snake and Lil Jon track's infectious beat has been a club favorite ever since its release late last year. But back in March, a dance group known as The Company performed a routine to the song that has the Internet cheering them on.

The Company performed their 'Turn Down for What' routine at an event called Urban Paradise 2014 at the Chabot College Performing Arts Center in California. The Company, who have seen other song and dance routines go viral, brought the house down as the audience erupted into cheers.

Wearing black T-shirts, black hats and camouflage pants, the group lights it up as the opening trap beat begins, and appears very much in sync as the song and routine progresses. The dancers move with the music, whether it's to the fast-paced clap beats or in mock slow motion to the synthesized sections. The composition in 'Turn Down for What' is hardly traditional, and neither is this sick routine that the group has cooked up.

Click on the video above to watch this impressive performance. (Thanks to 92NIN for the heads up.)