Lil Jon and DJ Snake's 'Turn Down for What' has everyone in such a trance that even the world's cutest foster kittens can't resist jammin' out once those addictive beats come on.

In a video that is now going viral, Tulip and Daisy -- two of the most adorable kittens to ever grace the Internet -- frantically nod their heads back and forth to the beat of the song, not afraid to speed it up to a frenzied pace once the track kicks it into high gear.

Yes, their foster parents may have very well been hanging a toy or a treat over their heads to get them to groove like that, but we'd like to think they just can't get enough of the crazy catchy hip-hop track. And what's better than two kittens rocking out to Lil Jon? Oh, just the fact that YOU CAN ADOPT THEM. And we all know what Lil Jon would say about that: