Move over, Grumpy Cat! Goats are quickly becoming one of hottest Internet trends. We thought the pinnacle came when Taylor Swift's 'I Knew You Were Trouble' got remixed with a shrieking goat, but we were so, so wrong.

A new video has surfaced of a baby goat attempting to bleet. After letting out a very unimpressive goat noise, a human voice off-camera goads him to try harder. The result is the makings of a viral hit.

Naturally, the wimpy goat roar has already been remixed into two parodies. In keeping with tradition, the surprising noise has been inserted into Taylor Swift's 'I Knew You Were Trouble' video. We love us some T. Swift, but we have to admit -- this is hilarious. It definitely echoes the "chaotic" sound Taylor told TIME she wanted the song to convey.

Watch the Taylor Swift parody above and check out the original wimpy goat roar and the 'Goatzilla' remix in the videos below!

Watch the Goat Give It All He Has

Watch the 'Goatzilla' Parody

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