'Break the Spell,' Daughtry's third studio album, is officially set for a Nov. 21 release. The band confirmed the release date and album title today in a press release.

Singer Chris Daughtry said he enjoyed making the record. "Going into the writing sessions, we said, 'Let's not try to sound like anything. Let's just write, and see what happens,'" he said. "We came up with some pretty interesting tunes that sound nothing like anything we've done before. Even though some of them didn't make the album, the process stretched us and took us to new places. It was an absolutely inspirational experience."

'Break the Spell' comes out exactly five years after the group's self-titled debut, which went five times platinum and established the band as a force, less than a year after Daughtry was voted off 'American Idol.'

The album includes the new song 'Crawling Back to You,' which Daughtry described as "a more uplifting and hopeful song that will appeal to fans who have been with us from the start." 'Break the Spell' is the band's first release since 2009's 'Leave This Town.'