Only Dave Grohl would think to honor his orthopedic surgeon by bringing him onstage during a stadium show and letting him sing lead on a White Stripes cover of "Seven Nation Army."

Dave, perched atop his mobile guitars throne, brought Dr. Lew Schon onstage during Foo Fighters' second night at Fenway Park (July 19), saying, "My orthopedic doctor is here tonight, the man who made it possible for me to get onstage and play a show tonight. He came to my hotel room today and he f---ing checked out my leg and he said, 'You know what? You can rock Fenway tonight.' and I said, 'You know what? So can you. Do you know any songs?'"

The band then launched into his chosen cover of "Seven Nation Army," with Dr. Schon on vocals the entire time. It should be noted that they played the full track, and it wasn't terrible.

The Foo Fighters frontman and overall Great Person suffered a serious injury when he fell offstage during a recent show in Sweden, forcing the band to cancel their European dates altogether. It was unclear if the rest of their Sonic Highways World Tour (unofficially dubbed The Broken Leg Tour), due to start mere weeks after the fall, were going to be postponed. And while most artists would probably cancel the remainder of their shows in order to fully recover first (a choice we wouldn't fault anyone in making), Dave decided instead to incorporate his fall into the concert. Each night, he regales the crowd with the tale of falling flat on his face, complete with photo and video accompaniments. Bringing his orthopedic surgeon onstage was a fitting move.

If you're wondering how long it'll be until Dave can walk again, be content in knowing he's well on his way to recovery. He recently spoke with Rolling Stone about the injury, saying, "I could have done some real damage. This is pretty gnarly, but it could have been a lot worse. I'm just blessed to still be talking to f---kin' Rolling Stone."

Dave said this with a laugh, apparently, because even with a snapped fibula, he remains in good spirits. He goes on to say, "I'm starting to do a little bit of rehab exercise and the cast is off. The swelling's down. The pain's gone. It's just a matter of getting those kick-drum muscles back, man. I can't f---kin' lose those. That's important to me. So I'm sitting here, moving it around, doing my exercise as we speak. So it's OK."

"The broken bone is only part of my injury," he continues. "The other part of my injury is the ligaments and the cartilage is destroyed when I dislocated it. I had a physical therapist tell me the other day that it was basically like my ankle got into a 40 mile per hour car crash. It's not just like a sprained ankle; it's like an ankle that got its ass kicked by Ronda Rousey. It's just a matter of bringing it back to life, and I've always appreciated the challenges of life. I'm up for a challenge. I'll f---king take it. And this is a big one, but I'm in it to win it."

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