From the looks of David Guetta's impressive roster of superstars for his upcoming disc 'Nothing But the Beat,' it's safe to say that the French producer is the DJ Khaled of electronic dance music. This guy knows how to corral some major superstars for his club-friendly tracks.

This latest leak from the album is called 'Titanium,' and it features the gospel-tinged vocals of Mary J. Blige. Unfortunately, Blige's version will not appear on the album, instead pop siren Sia will take her place. Nevertheless, this song is available for listening and for the most part, it sounds okay.

It's a very mundane track with all of Guetta's cliché production values -- it has the headache-inducing club beat, whining synths, atmospheric sound effects and a little auto-tune. Not to say that it's all bad, but it's certainly not good, either. Mary J. Blige is not at fault here, in fact, she does a wonderful job with the song's lyrics. The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul belts out words of determination vowing to not let criticisms hurt her heart because she is, um, titanium. "You shoot me down / But I won't fall / I'm titanium," she repeatedly sings on the chorus.

As to why Guetta would cut Blige's vocals from the song and replace her with Sia is puzzling. We don't believe that Sia's version would be any better, but we haven't heard her version yet. As a song, 'Titanium' is very positive, but we don't believe it will make a dent on the music charts.

David Guetta's all-star album 'Nothing But the Beat' will hit stores on Aug. 26.

Listen to David Guetta, 'Titanium' Feat. Mary J. Blige