Deadmau5 doesn't think much of rising EDM star Martin Garrix and on Saturday night at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, he made that point very clear.

Martin Garrix is one of EDM's newest faces and has made a name for himself after his single 'Animals' became a surprise international hit last year. 'Animals' became a Top 40 hit, a trend that is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of EDM purists who are afraid that the genre is becoming too mainstream.

Before the controversial house DJ took the stage, deadmau5 (real name: Joel Thomas Zimmerman), sarcastically tweeted to fans:

After Garrix did play 'Animals' during his performance, deadmau5 continued:

Continuing with the jabs, deadmau5 made fun of his own success by stating that he would play his own hit, 'Ghosts N Stuff,' in a "derp" tone:

So what did deadmau5 end up really doing? He found an online mashup of Martin Garrix's 'Animals' that is remixed with the kids' song 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm' as the beat drop, and played that mashup to the thousands of concert attendees listening to his set. You can hear the reworked version of 'Animals' below. (If you're not familiar with the original version of 'Animals,' we've posted the official music video below the sound clip.)

Listen to Martin Garrix's 'Animals' Remixed with 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm'

Listen to the official version of Martin Garrix's 'Animals'

Afterwards, deadmau5 gave himself a pat on the back for his stunt.

Deadmau5 is no stranger to controversy: He has infamously criticized DJs who he feels simply hit the "play" button on their laptops, and even once wrote a blog post proclaiming that he does it, too. He has also publicly feuded with rapper Flo Rida as well as Avicii, another DJ who has become famous in the pop world. Deadmau5 was replacing Avicii at last night's Ultra Music Festival concert as the headlining artist due to Avicii's health scare earlier this week.