Debby Ryan is bravely speaking out about the emotional abuse she endured from one of her best friends.

While the Disney Channel star previously opened up about the terrifying ordeal, she recently gave even more scary details to People, like how the guy physically tried to restrain her from leaving without him.

"He chased me out of the room, grabbed me, put me back in the room, and followed me to my car and took my keys," the Jessie actress recalled. "I was like, 'Okay fine, get in the car, you can come with me.' He was like, 'No, you're going to drive away and leave me here.' He ended up grabbing my keys and holding on to my wrists and crawling into the passenger side from my driver's side [so I couldn't drive away]."

Debby Ryan revealed that after he tried to move in with her, she bought him a hotel room.

"That was literally just for sleeping, so [we would see each other] every day, hours a day, month on month on month, and finally I was like, 'All right, I can't do this anymore,'" she recalled, also telling the magazine that the guy would call her up to 40 times a day.

But when he threatened to overdose if she didn't see him, the actress knew that she had to end the friendship.

"I realized I'd done everything that I could do," she told the magazine. "It's not my purpose to sacrifice my own happiness and sacrifice my own mental health so that this guy doesn't overdose. I called someone and had someone go and be with him, and I removed myself from the situation and realized he's no longer mine to deal with."

The Disney star is speaking out about her experience as part of Mary Kay and Love Is Respect's "Don't Look Away" campaign, which allows someone in an abusive relationship to receive free help just by texting "LoveIs" to 25522.

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