Debby Ryan and Alyssa Milano say they're "proud" of their controversial new series, Insatiable.

Ryan, 25, and Milano, 45, spoke out at the show's Los Angeles premiere Thursday after many accused the Netflix series of fat-shaming.

"I think we hear and see and acknowledge some of the backlash," Ryan told Entertainment Tonight. "I think for us, I know that the show that I signed on for -- and I'm very proud of what we've done -- and it makes me really happy that people are seeing it."

"I'm completely aware that it's not a show for everybody, but we're really proud of what we did," Milano added. "And I think that people, at the very least, it will be a conversation starter."

Insatiable stars Ryan as Patty, an overweight girl who takes revenge after losing weight due to her jaw being wired shut. The show received heavy backlash after its first trailer premiered in July.

"We honestly never intended to hurt anyone with the trailer," Milano told Vanity Fair at the premiere. "The show is so much more than what the trailer showed. We are not fat-shaming Patty at all."

"What I really love about this show is that we're openly discussing societal issues in a funny, dark way rather than sweeping it under the carpet," she added. "From fat-shaming to mommy-shaming to slut-shaming -- whatever shaming we are facing in society will only go away by being able to talk about these issues."

Insatiable debuted a 12-episode first season Friday on Netflix. The series co-stars Dallas Roberts, Christopher Gorham and Erinn Westbrook.
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