Dev's MTV special, which aired last night (May 23), followed the singer as she navigated the release of her debut album, her climb up the ladder of success and living the preggo life, as she calls it.

In the intimate special, aptly titled 'DEV,' she's about to pop... on many levels.

The special opened with her label president flying to L.A. to break the news that they want to push her album back... again. She reveals that her fans "come at my neck" for label decisions such as these, and she doesn't want to disappoint them... again.

She also reveals that her pregnancy was high risk and that the baby had surgery upon being born due to a condition known as gastroschisis. Dev says she and her fiancee Jimmy knew that had brought fire into the world, but that for the first six weeks, their precious newborn Emilia was in and out of surgery. We get several up and close looks at the little angel, who is super duper cute.

The most compelling thing about the feature is seeing Dev as a new mother, taking Emilia on the road with her, feeding her baby before going on stage. It's a balancing act, but Dev has it all under control.

This special totally endeared Dev to us, and we already liked her.

Watch the ‘DEV’ Trailer