Check out these adorable singers and their husbands-to-be! 'Want U Back' singer Cher Lloyd is engaged to her hair stylist boyfriend Craig Monk, and 'In the Dark' songstress Dev is ready to walk down the aisle with her fiance/baby daddy/pro-skateboarder Jimmy Gorecki. So, Brats and Baby Goons, who do you think is the cutest couple?

Cher and Craig have been together since April 2011, got engaged in Jan. 2012 and are head-over-heels in love. Even though Cher is barely even 20 yet, she knows she wants to spend the rest of her life with Craig, who's made the singer have a more positive outlook on life. "I feel like being with Craig has changed me a lot. I feel I'm a lot more calm, I haven't got an attitude any more. I had a stinking attitude, it was awful," she said (via Sugarscape). "I have learned to appreciate things a lot more now I'm with him." Cher's also from a gypsy background, so it's really quite normal for her to be engaged at this time in her life.

Meanwhile, "best friends" Dev and Jimmy have been together for quite some time now. The pair have yet to set a date for their wedding, but they're massive love for one another is evident. They already have a child together, the very adorable Emilia Lovely (born in Dec. 2011), and these two do everything for that baby. Dev and Jimmy are always out and about with their daughter, bringing her along to shows (baby earplugs are a must for mama Dev) and other high-profile gigs. They're such a happy and hip family... we wish our mom and dad were as cool as Dev and Jimmy!

So, who has your vote for the cutest couple? Check out some more pics of them below and vote Cher + Craig or Dev + Jimmy!

Cher Lloyd Craig Monk Dev Emilia Jimmy Gorecki


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