Rising star Dev hit her favorite clothing store Virgo, located in downtown Los Angeles, to share details on her personal style and life as a new, young mom in this video chat with Yahoo!

Dev revealed that she loves the store because it offers vintage and custom pieces, so girls can get "individual, unique swag." The singer showed off separated collars, which she favors, since you can wear 'em with strapless tops. She shared that she is also loving bandana-print clothes right now and when she showed off a halter-style top in that pattern, she confessed her secret to dropping the baby weight. Remember, she gave birth to daughter Emilia in December.

"I ran every day, miles and miles. And I ate, like, leaves," she said with a smile. "I ran with my fiance." Safety (and weight loss) in numbers for Dev and her man." She also copped to doing the "bougie, L.A. juicing thing" by frequenting the Whole Foods Juice Bar to help shed the pounds.

Dev also shared her secret to being a stylish, working mom. She brings the baby on the road, saying, "My fiance will watch her while I am performing and then I will come back and help, and change diapers and drink beer."

Is Dev not the coolest mom on earth? Looooove her and her unique fashion sense.

Watch Dev Share Secrets of Her Personal Style

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