The arresting Skylar Grey, cloaked in black and sitting behind a piano, performed 'Coming Home' with Diddy Dirty Money on 'American Idol' tonight. Grey adds a haunting, eerie element to the song with her stunning voice and deft playing.

Grey co-wrote the song and in recent months, rocketed into public consciousness via her collaboration with Eminem and Dr. Dre on 'I Need a Doctor.' Her hard work is paying off incredible dividends, as she just signed a record deal with Interscope -- so congrats to Grey on that hard-earned, well-deserved accomplishment! We will be hearing a lot more from her in the coming months.

Also to note, there was no awkwardness between Diddy and his long-ago ex, judge Jennifer Lopez. The duo were a high profile couple when they dated during her pre-Bennifer period for a few years. Remember that? Well, tonight was an accidental "reunion" that certainly brought a smile to the faces of pop culture watchers.

Watch Skylar Grey and Diddy-Dirty Money Perform 'Coming Home' on 'American Idol'