Diddy-Dirty Money, the collaboration between Sean Combs, Dawn Richard and Kalenna Harper, have released the latest single from their 'Last Train to Paris' album, a raunchy song featuring Trey Songz called 'Your Love.'

While the trio's recent hit 'Coming Home' was an emotional rap ballad about redemption, 'Your Love' covers quite different lyrical territory.

"Girl I want you face down first thing when I wake up," Songz sings over a programmed drum beat. "Already got you covered girl, ain't no need for make-up / I just need a camera and someone to tape us / The Internet ain't ready for the way that we gon' make love."

Each performer offers a verse before repeating the hook: "Your touch, your sex is my drug, all I want is you baby, only one is you baby."

After Songz finishes, the girls provide racy lyrics of their own: "Imma put it in your face boy, as soon as you wake up / Know you wanna hit it ... Baby I'm tired of the bed I wanna try it on the table."

As Diddy jumps in to finish off the track, the drums drop out momentarily in favor of a throbbing electro buzz. He raps, "The s--- I'm doing won't be seen or done for light years / Talking me and you, the world is ours, all we need is our love, money, and the power."

'Last Train to Paris' reached No. 7 on the Billboard album chart. Diddy-Dirty Money will embark on the Coming Home Tour,  which kicks off in Minneapolis, Minn. on April 13 and wraps up on May 15 in St. Louis, Mo.

Listen to Diddy-Dirty Money, 'Your Love' Feat. Trey Songz