After the first steal of the night, Blake Shelton is down one steal, successfully nabbing Collin from Team Adam, and now it's Cee Lo's turn to choose his lucky victim.

Peruvian stud Diego Val and YouTube star JR Aquino joined Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas, Cee Lo's guest advisor, to rehearse Rick Springfield's classic hit 'Jesse's Girl.' But whoops, there's a language barrier situation going on here: Val has heard of the song before, but doesn't know it, and seriously struggles through it during rehearsals. "He really needs to buckle down," said Thomas after going line-for-line with Val.

Things didn't get much better during the last rehearsal before their battle rounds performance. Val was still fighting the 'Jesse's Girl' battle, though Cee Lo admitted he had gotten a bit better than the day before. Still, as Thomas previously pointed out, should Val make it past the battle rounds, he may encounter more songs he doesn't know, and needs to take the lessons seriously.

We were admittedly distracted by everything Val had to offer looks-wise during the battle rounds, but lo and behold, practice must've made perfect because he nailed the song. Language barrier, shmanguage barrier. Aquino took the song to another level too, matching Val's vocals and enthusiasm for entertaining the crowd.

What was most fun about the performance though, was that they were literally battling it out: from taking ownership of the stage, to trying to one-up each other vocal wise, they put on a helluva show and made it a highly watchable performance.

That said, Cee Lo said he could do something "stranger" with Val and chose him as a winner of the battle rounds, leaving us feeling a bit sad for the clearly talented Aquino.

But ... there's always YouTube.