Peruvian vocalist Diego Val is looking to win us here in the States over watching 'The Voice' with more than just his dreamy, hot, sensual - sorry, we got carried away. But look at this guy's hair, and smile, and tattoos, and that nose ring, and ugh.

Cee Lo chose Enrique Iglesias' 'Bailamos' from like... a decade ago. We get the feeling that his coach was trying to stereotype our pseudo-lover and keep him in a small box because of the Spanish roots and he must think singing an Enrique song will be a blast, but Val was more uncomfortable with a song than ever before -- he's a rocker.

He was suave in his performance, and if our lack of description means anything, it's that we were totally hypnotized by him and his vocals, and definitely need a tissue to wipe up our drool.

Technique wise, he was only so-so, and it wasn't his best vocal performance, but that could have to do with the fact he previously admitted to not being fully into the song; even his persona on stage took a hit because he wasn't fully comfortable or confident in himself to give a super solid performance. He was just solid. Yes, there's a difference.

All of the coaches agreed that while he was good, he wasn't superb. Cee Lo almost felt bad, looking as if he regretted choosing that song for his ingenue, and Xtina felt it was the wrong choice as well, agreeing with Val that he'd do better with a more original song or a song in the genre he loves, where he'd naturally excel.