The members of Canadian electronic trio Dragonette find themselves in a strange hospital setting as part of a science experiment in the video for their new song, 'Let it Go.'

Singer Martina Sorbara, whose bright vocals made Martin Solveig's 'Hello' a hit, is dragged against her will into a yellow lab room, where she and others are strapped to wires that make them dance like maniacs. She is exposed to a video of happy images like unicorns and cupcakes, and given touch therapy involving a white rabbit.

Sorbara explains in a press release, "The creeps in this video will go to great extremes to ensure you're always happy, even if it means leaching happiness from other unsuspecting humans and condensing it into pills to feed to you. These weirdos think you need help keeping your thoughts light and your mind vacant. We think you should 'Let it Go.'"

The large group of scientists studies the singer's movements and examines slides for evidence of what's going on, but we could save them a lot of time. We think everyone goes nuts when they hear 'Let it Go' because it's just an awesomely danceable song.

Dragonette are currently working on their third album, which will be the follow-up to 2009's 'Fixin to Thrill.' The band kicks of an extensive U.S. tour in June.

Watch the Dragonette 'Let it Go' Video