Dragonette were in the middle of filming their lyric video for "Darth Vader" with Sebastien Mua when the news first broke of President Donald Trump's rollback of federal guidance to public schools that allowed transgender students to use the bathroom that most closely aligned with their gender identities.

The decision has since been widely criticized throughout the country, and now Dragonette is using the lyric video for their latest single — a highlight off of their 2016 studio album Royal Blues — to add their voices to the protest alongside the 18-year-old non-binary makeup guru and social media star.

"There is no better time than now to show our love and support for the #LGBTQ PEOPLE who are our friends, fans, family, and loved ones. We all deserve to live as we are, free from shame, fear or discrimination. And all of us can help to bring this about by showing our support to #protecttransyouth at glsen.org/100days," the band wrote along with the lyric video, which features Sebastien alternating between bare-faced beauty and a fully glam, fierce feminine look.

"So happy to finally be able to talk to all of you about this!" Sebastien wrote on Instagram. "They wanted to release the song now, to show support to trans youth, especially with what's happening in the US. To remind everyone to be themselves no matter what others may think.✨ PS: Sorry if there's too much tongue action for ya hahaha 😋"

Watch the lyric video for "Darth Vader" below, and to help support the #ProtectTransYouth movement, check out GLSEN's 100 Days of Kindness.

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