With all of this talk of outrageous tattoos involving Drake and a fan, you would think he would stay away from the ink and needle. Not quite. Apparently, the 'Headlines' rapper got a tattoo of the late R&B songbird Aaliyah on his back.

It's widely known of Drizzy's love and appreciation for Aaliyah. He paid homage to her on his last album 'Thank Me Later' by sampling '(At Your Best) You Are Love' for his song 'Unforgettable.' So now he took it one step further with some artwork on his back.

The Drake fan website DrizzyDrake posted a few pics of the rapper/singer playing tennis with his buddies, and in one photo (shown above) you can see the infamous Aaliyah tat on Aubrey's back. It shows the songbird's beautiful face with wings above her head.

The website also posted an excerpt from a letter that Drake wrote (via RapRadar) in tribute to Aaliyah. It reads:

"Dear Dana [Aaliyah's middle name],
I’ve never lost a parent, a friend, or a lover but I will never forget this day for the rest of my life. I remember getting the news that you had passed and it connected with my heart like a clean shot from Muhammad Ali. I was crushed.”

Drake must have gotten this tattoo a long time ago, which explains why he wasn't so upset with the young girl who decided to have his name etched into her forehead. He probably felt a little kinship towards her since he's such a big fan of Aaliyah and decided to get a tattoo himself.

Maybe Drake should now take his admiration to the next level and get the words "Aaliyah" (in all caps) tattooed on his forehead by artist Kevin Campbell. Ha! We're only joking.

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