With his new album 'Take Care' dropping, it was the perfect time for Toronto-bred rapper Drake to grace the cover of Complex. Drizzy opens up about how he is nitpicked due to his polarizing nature and his threads; about his friendship with tennis ace Serena Williams (is it a love match?) and how he's learned to embrace the moment!

First, the rapper addresses how some of his peers on the scene knock on him for not being hip-hop enough or for not being hard enough, since he's not hood. Even with Lil Wayne endorsing him as the greatest rapper alive, there are still haters. Drake even gets flack for how he dresses – we like the varsity jackets and the sweaters, personally -- as well as for singing too much and for not singing enough! He's in a catch-22 and can't win, even with Weezy having his back 24/7.

"They nitpick at everything," Drake said of his critics, pointing out that he doesn't give them much material to knock on other than his attire. "I can’t do anything. All they want me to do is dress so they can make fun of me. Otherwise, it’s hard for them. I don’t give people many reasons to dislike me. They have to find s---. They’re like, 'Aw man, sweaters! He wears sweaters too much.’ Like, what?" Hey, we think Drake is the kinda guy you can take home to mama! He is sharp-dressed man.

Drake did address recent photos of him playing tennis with Williams. He doesn't give up any concrete details about their friendship and doesn't hint if romance is brewing. He said, rather that "I really, really love and care for Serena Williams. She’s incredible. That’s someone I’m proud to say I know. She’s definitely in my life and I’m in her life. It’s great to watch her play tennis. Very impressive." Mmm hmm. We know she's great to watch on the court. But is she fun to date? But Drake keeps mum and offers no status update there.

He also revealed the layers of meanings that define 'Take Care.' He said, "It grew into a whole mind set ... Never forgetting the past, but just embracing this moment and saying 'take care' to any doubt, any second-guessing. This is it. I have a great album. I have a great team. I have my visuals together. I have a great live show — those are all things that I know. I’m not doubting myself. I’ve never been in that position. This is my first time. And I hope I’m right, because I know I’m right to me."

You're right to us, too, Drake!