One way to console Drake fans disappointed by the delay of his upcoming album? Reveal the two different covers for it!

Drizzy did just that yesterday (Aug. 21), posting a link to the artist who produced the pair of companion covers for his third studio album, 'Nothing Was the Same.' Both images -- similar but not the 'same' --feature bright blue backgrounds and profiles of the different subjects. The artwork for the original album shows Drake as a child, with a comb sticking out of his afro. The deluxe art pictures a current Drake (shown below), facing the opposite direction, shirtless and sporting a gold chain.

Twitter account of Southern California artist and writer Kadir Nelson:

here -- then posted the images, first to the album in its original form:

Drizzy has been dropping tracks from and info about 'Nothing Was the Same' for a while now, and these images are just yet the latest glimpse into what fans can look forward to with the album ... even if they have to wait a bit longer for the real deal.

Can't wait for more Drake? Catch him performing at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday (Aug. 25)!

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