It's a good time to be a Harmonizer.

While Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello climbs the charts with Machine Gun Kelly and Lauren Jauregui teams up with Marian Hill for her first solo jaunt, Normani Kordei is busy getting glam and showing love in shuString Magazine.

Along with a gorgeous photo spread, the singing-dancing 5H sensation discussed her gratitude for the group's success (she says life with the girls is like "having a sleepover every single night"), as well as her admiration for Beyoncé from an early age.

“I loved Destiny’s Child and nobody could say anything wrong about any of the girls. So, I really wanted to be in a girl group," she explains.

She even looks to the Lemonade icon as inspiration when countering on-stage butterflies and exhaustion: “[Beyoncé] has Sasha Fierce, I have her. When I’m on stage, I literally feel like I’m her...even if you’re tired, think of how Beyoncé keeps going hard. She doesn’t get tired.”

But what does one-fifth of one of the world's biggest girl groups at the moment do when she's not busy dominating on stage or donating her time to charity? She daydreams about doing even more, it seems.

“I really want to cross over into acting,” she reveals. “That has always been a dream of mine I always kind of look at JLo...she did it so gracefully, and she was successful at doing both at the same time, which I think is so inspiring and I aspire to be just like her one day.”

If she acts anywhere near as well as she sings and dances, Normani may very well be the industry's next big triple threat.

Check out the full editorial and photo shoot over at shuString.

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