Dylan O’Brien is still recovering well over a month after an accident on the Maze Runner: The Death Cure left him hospitalized. But his co-star Dexter Darden says, though O'Brien broke three bones in his face during a stunt-gone-awry, his looks haven't suffered.

"He's healing well, he's had surgery," Darden told TMZ in a video posted today (May 4).  "He's dashingly good-looking. He looks fine."

And though Darden can't relay exactly what happened during the March 17 incident, he does acknowledge it was the result of glitch with the set's equipment. O'Brien and his co-stars are committed to getting great shots, he says, and try to do as much of their stunts as possible.

"[O'Brien] did it well, he executed everything correctly — it was just a little malfunction with the wires," Darden explains. "He's one of the hardest-working men in show business."

And though Maze Runner production has been suspended indefinitely since the accident, Darden says the movie's actors are more concerned about O'Brien's health and getting him back into fighting shape.

"Our main goal is just to make sure that Dylan gets better, so we're just supporting him as friends and as cast mates," he insists. "As soon as he's healed and ready to go, we're gonna be right back in it for The Maze Runner 3."

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