Ed Sheeran’s sensuous new song ‘Bloodstream’ is a thought-provoking track on sin and addiction.

The English singer never fails to impress when it comes to writing songs with melodies and lyrics that make you think and feel long after the track has finished playing. ‘Bloodstream’ is undoubtedly one of those instances.

The title alone implies a heavier topic, and the slow, melancholic music reinforces it. The singer-songwriter croons heavy lyrics such as, “I got sin on my mind / Sipping on red wine / I’ve been sitting here for ages / Ripping out the pages / How to get so faded.”

His voice will give you chills as he continues, “Fading out again / I feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream / So tell me when it kicks in.”

Paired with the emotional, piano-heavy track of ‘Afire Love’ and the upbeat, Justin Timberlake-esque tune of ‘Sing,’ there’s no doubt that Ed’s upcoming album ‘X’ will be a roller coaster of emotions. ‘X’ — pronounced 'Multiply' — drops on June 23.