Ed Sheeran’s puppet self was a naughty guy in an alternate music video life.

If you’ve seen the English singer’s official video for his hit song ‘Sing,’ then you’ll know that Ed the puppet gets up to some questionable fun during his night out on the town. Shockingly, the 23-year-old revealed to Mix 104.1 in Boston (as reported by Radio.com) that the final product wasn’t even the worst of it!

“Unless you’re into heavy, heavy drugs and strippers, you don’t want to hang out with him,” Ed said, referring to his puppet doppelganger.

“We cut that out of the video,” he continued. “The director went off on one [cut] and the original video is just [the puppet] in a strip club doing coke off strippers. And we’re looking at the director being like, ‘You know this is meant for TV, right?’”

The bad boy puppet is meant to be the ‘A Team’ star’s double -- physically, at least -- but according to some, he takes after another singer entirely.

“People say he looks like Chris Martin [of Coldplay], though,” he shared. “Chris Martin is sober. So that wouldn’t work.”

Ed, can us Sheerios suggest an unrated alternate release of ‘Sing’? We'll be waiting patiently for your response.

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