If you ever wanted to know what Ed Sheeran looks like in Muppet form, his 'Sing' video will fulfill your dreams -- and then some.

Ed Sheeran's Muppet twin is the star of the hilarious video, donning Sheeran's trademark ginger locks and a leather jacket for a night out on the town -- and Ed Sheeran muppet goes hard, involves hitting the bar, cozying up to (many) sexy ladies (whom he picks up on the street) and even getting arrested and throwing up confetti. (You know it's a good night when you puke some glittery confetti.)

But Sheeran's misbehaving Muppet counterpart doesn't get all of the attention in the video -- some of that is reserved for the singer himself, and Pharrell, who produced the hot track. In fact, all three appear together in the video at various points, singing together, driving together -- and, of course -- clubbing together.

Watch Ed Sheeran's 'Sing' music video below.

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