UPDATE: Ed Sheeran is the winner of this round and has moved on to the finals. You can vote for him in the final round here!

In Round 2 of the PopCrush Prom King of 2014, we’re pitting Brit against Brit in the battle of Ed Sheeran vs. Harry Styles. In Round 1, Ed Sheeran went up against Justin Bieber and made it out with just a 2% lead! It was a close call, but Sheerios managed a win. Harry Styles faced Austin Mahone in the first round, but the ‘MMM Yeah’ singer didn’t quite beat out his curly-haired competition. Now in the semifinals, the question remains — which English star would you want reigning over your high school?

Sheerios, we know just how passionate you are about Ed, considering your big push to make sure the ginger singer took the Round 1 victory spot from Justin Bieber and his dedicated Beliebers. And why wouldn’t you be passionate? Ed has trumped in his own fight, working his way up from a couch-surfing, coffee shop crooner to the Grammy-nominated charts-topper that he is today. He’s earned himself a place as close pal to Taylor Swift, and his sophomore album ‘X’ is one of the most anticipated releases of the year. Ed is clearly a champ!

Harry Styles is bringing more big competition to Sheerios’ doorsteps. Not only is he backed by the equally dedicated Directioners, but the green-eyed singer cleans up pretty nicely, and looks amazing in a suit — he even won the 2013 British Style Award. Paired with his winning smile and long, unruly curls, will there be anyone on the dance floor who isn’t swooning? And let’s not forget the famed Harry charm. This heartthrob has charmed nearly everyone with his sweet and open personality, from fans to parents and all those in between.

Sheerios and Directioners, who’s it going to be for Prom King? Send in your votes — up to one per hour — for either Ed or Harry! The winner will move on to face new competition in the final round of the PopCrush Prom King of 2014. This round of voting will end on Tuesday, May 27, at 12PM ET.

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