An elderly couple booked a long cruise in order to avoid the high cost of a nursing home.

In June 2022, Marty and Jess Ansen booked back-to-back Princess Cruises.

Prior to boarding last June, the couple had already spent approximately 1,200 days at sea. They ultimately decided to keep sailing as they found it was much cheaper and more relaxing than a nursing home.

"The cruise lifestyle is very efficient. You don’t have to worry about paying for rent or a mortgage, getting groceries or doing your laundry," the Ansens told People.

"We’re not young people. Cruising is much cheaper than going to a nursing home and means we can continue to travel the world," they added.

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Despite the different destinations involved in cruise life, the Ansens have set a daily routine.

"We have a daily program of things that happen on the ship which changes, but some things are constant — like our daily habit of playing table tennis," they shared, noting they consider the Princess Cruise staff and fellow passengers family.

"We welcome the different captains on board," Jess told A Current Affair.

"We're on board longer than anybody else. The wheels change over but we stay on board," Marty added.

According to a statement from Carnival Corporation, if the Ansens don't book any additional adventures, the pair are set to de-board in August 2024 following their most recent 795-day trip.

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