If you ever wondered what Elon Musk was like before finding fame with Tesla, his college girlfriend Jennifer Gwynne just filled in some gaps.

According to AP News, in September Gwynne auctioned off never-before-seen vintage photos of the Tesla CEO, as well as college memorabilia, for a whopping $165,000.

The auction took place in Boston. Gwynne told a local newspaper she had heard of others auctioning test papers graded by Musk and decided to seize the opportunity by selling off photos she had of the mogul, as well as gifts he had given here while they were dating.

Among the items was a birthday card in which Musk called her "Boo Boo," which someone purchased for $17,000. Other auctioned items included 18 personal photos and a gold emerald necklace he had gifted her for her birthday in 1994. The latter sold for $51,000.

A single photo showing Musk posing with classmates before a formal dance sold for $42,000.

Naturally, Musk poked fun at the auction by making one of the old photos his new Twitter profile photo.

See one of the photos sold at auction, now featured as Musk's profile photo, below:

@elonmusk via Twitter
@elonmusk via Twitter

Musk dated Gwynne for about one year in the early '90s, when the two were students at the University of Pennsylvania. Allegedly, once Musk moved to California, he told Gwynne that talking on the phone was a waste of time and subsequently broke up with her.

Gwynne told Fox 29 that "he was not good on the phone, he was not good long distance."

She also revealed Musk often talked about the future of electronic vehicles, even back in college.

Gwynne plans to use to the money raised at auction to help pay for her stepson's college education.

Meanwhile, Musk is currently embroiled in a battle with Twitter as he tries to get out of his infamous $44 billion dollar deal with the social media giant. A trial is set for October.

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