Elon Musk is at it again. The controversial new head of Twitter has rebranded the globally known social media site as "X" and ditched the iconic Twitter bird emblem simply because he can — and Twitter users are confused to say the least.

Reactions to the sudden rebrand, which happened over the course of one day, have ranged from outrage and exhaustion over Musk's ever-changing mind, to hilarious memes about the chaos that is now "X."

One user criticized the app's harsh new logo, likening its design to "an app for a membership-only human trafficking gentleman's club headquartered in Budapest."

Another person called the new app Xitter, or "sh---er," because "in some cultures, X is pronounced as 'sh.'"

Others pointed out that although the logo now says "X," many things still point to Twitter, such as the site's URL and timeline, which still refers to posts as tweets and not "x's" as Musk claims they should now be called.

"Looking forward to telling kids in the future that X used to be called Twitter, and that’s why when you post something, that’s called a tweet," another user tweeted.

Some people sympathized with the iconic Twitter bird, who has seemingly lost its job.

Yet another person roasted Musk for changing the site's name despite being openly transphobic on the platform.

"Oh, so now Elon wants us to respect a name change?" they tweeted. According to Them magazine, Musk spent the month of June, a.k.a. Pride Month, liking transphobic tweets.

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Musk's trans daughter, Vivian, cut all ties with him in 2022 when she dropped his last name in favor of her mother's surname.

At the time, TMZ reported that Vivian's name change was listed as being due to "gender identity and the fact that I no longer live with or wish to be related to my biological father [Elon] in any way, shape or form."

See more reactions to Twitter's rebrand, below:

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