America learned Washington D.C. emcee Moses Stone can actually sing during Monday night's episode of 'The Voice.' Last month, Stone's audition revealed his polished stage act, but it was his vocal abilities that were too much for country duo the Line to overcome. Christina Aguilera chose the Rolling Stones' hit 'Satisfaction' for her final battle round.

From the onset, the once-dating duo seemed hesitant during the rock song. Aguilera and coach Jewel worked hard to get them to quit focusing on the genre and how they'd approach the well-known song. Instead they were encouraged to just fall into the song's emotion and tension.

Coach Lionel Richie was the first to notice Stone's chops. "I'm very pleased to say, you got the voice," he said. The hip-hop star who calls Michael Jackson his biggest influence was all smiles, as he is out to prove he can do more than rap.

It was a strangely delightful performance, with the mix of country and hip-hop working through the end. As Stone crowded Hailey, she pushed back and he dropped to his knees. Overall, the emcee owned the stage, even during an improvisation that might have left some viewers turned off. Cee Lo Green gave him especially high regards, in a Cee Lo sort of way. "Yeah, I like you kid," he said with a gravelly giggle.

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton like the Line, but it was only Aguilera's opinion that mattered. "I just wasn't seeing the kind of chemistry and heartfelt passion onstage with the Line as I was … with Moses," she said after sending the duo home. Stone celebrated, while the Nashville duo left the stage after a few short words and some tongue biting.

Watch Moses Stone and the Line Perform '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction' on 'The Voice'

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