In what may be one of the most innovative performances on 'The Voice' all night, Moses Stone sang the hook to Kanye West's 'Stronger' as an operatic, gospel ballad in the intro, then broke into a rap for the first verse. Backed by dancers, Stone proved himself not only a rapper, but also a singer and performer.

Stone closed the track by singing, with lots of rapping, dancing and pure command of the audience in between. Stone's coach, Christina Aguilera, danced in her seat, clearly proud of her protege. Her fellow judges agreed with her sentiment: they all loved Stone's performance, but for different reasons.

"Moses, you're -- what can I say, the Kanye West melody, it was a nice choice, a nice touch," Cee Lo Green said. "I really appreciate your stage presence, and I think you're a natural onstage. I like your style. Great job tonight."

"There's no doubt: you know how to entertain people," fellow coach Adam Levine said. However, Levine was a big fan of one particular part of Stone's performance: his singing, not his formidable MC skills. "You have a lot of grit in your voice that's amazing, so I think you'd have a lot of success as a singer."

"She's already making a difference for you, Moses," Blake Shelton said of Aguilera. "I already hear an improvement in your vocals ... you already sound like a better singer to me."

No one was more thrilled with Stone's performance, though, than Xtina. "Oh man, Moses, you make me so excited!" she gushed. "I love watching you up there. The type of vocalist that you are, for your type of genre, the people on the radio who are doing it -- they're AutoTuned," she said. Wonder who she means! "You're not AutoTuned. You started out singing, you closed out singing, and you do it all," she said, citing Stone's choreography and stage ideas. "I disagree with Adam. I love the way you rap."

Watch Moses Stone Perform 'Stronger / Power' on 'The Voice'

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