Well, the hour installments of 'The Voice' sure do fly by, don't they?

Emily Earle and Mackenzie Bourg had a good time on Team Cee Lo -- it was kind of awesome considering Bourg is such a huge fan of Cee Lo's advisor Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty. Who doesn't love a good fan freakout? Okay so it wasn't a freakout on an us-meeting-Britney Spears-kinda-level, but it was cool.

Earle is the country star on Cee Lo's team (what, Blake Shelton can't have 'em all!) and Mackenzie Bourg is the obvious Justin Bieber look alike. Le sigh. The two were assigned Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Good Time' -- tres le sigh -- and it was out of Earle's comfort zone, because she's country a singer, ya'll.

Bourg wanted to know if he'd be able to play the guitar during their battle round, and he brought it in during their final rehearsal, but it was basically his security blanket and Cee Lo was having none of that, telling him to set it aside.

The theme for this performance was obviously that both were stepping out of their respective comfort zones (hers: country music, his: playing guitar), so having to rely on precise vocals is a guaranteed challenge. Both were good on the non-vocally challenging song, but there was nothing really earth shattering going on during this battle round due to lack of chemistry and the sheer banality of it all.

Ultimately, Cee Lo wound up choosing Mackenzie Bourg because he felt he could "put him in different places" and use him more.

And so ends night 153 of the battle rounds. See you next week for more!

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