Welcome back you dedicated and devoted 'Voice' fans! We know the Season 3 blind auditions seem to be going on forever (and ever), but that's why we're here: to recap the entire show for you so you don't have to sit and impatiently tap your foot waiting for the battle rounds to begin!

And so begins night five of the blind auditions. Let's see how our teams of coaches are doing, shall we?

Christina Aguilera: Picked up two vocalist last night; Total So Far: 9
Cee Lo Green: Picked up three vocalists last night; Total So Far: 7
Adam Levine: Picked up four vocalists last night; Total So Far: 9
Blake Shelton: Picked up two vocalist last night; Total So Far: 7

Now, on to the blind auditions!

Collin McLoughlin: The NYU business grad school dropout (we're sensing a very 'Grease'-like moment here) decided to take a chance on a professional music career instead of the education route. McLoughlin has the look of any young acoustic guitar playing man, and the minute he opened his mouth, it was pretty obvious he made the right career choice. Everyone but Aguilera turned around for his performance of Cat Stevens' 'Wild World,' which was near pitch-perfect, and his voice had a cool, clean tone to it, making his performance sound awfully easy. In the end, though, Grad School Dropout went with his gut and chose Adam as his coach. [WATCH HERE]

Joselyn Rivera: The 17-year-old Rivera was diagnosed with a neurological disorder when she was young, and the only prescription was music. A doctor suggested getting her involved with music to help her, and that's how it all began. Her audition to Kelly Clarkson's 'Stronger' was shaky and almost too forced, as it's a vocally challenging song to sing, but all it took was one riff during a particular pitch to get Aguilera to turn around. Shelton followed shortly thereafter, but the pretty brunette chose Aguilera as her coach because anyone with eyes knew Rivera was the type of girl who had all of Aguilera's CD's uploaded to her computer. [WATCH HERE]

Benji: After running out of money for a race car driving career, the 24-year-old decided to focus on music, because that's just the natural progression of things. Benji opted for the Guns N' Roses cover of Bob Dylan's 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door,' and it was way too hard to not compare him to the legend that is Axl Rose. Sure, Benji's voice was tight, raspy, and had enough dynamic to change from gritty to clean, but it wasn't Axl Rose raspy. Levine liked what he heard and turned around, and all Cee Lo needed to hear was one hard "Yeaaaaaaa!" from Benji to turn around, but... he chose Adam. [WATCH HERE]

Mycle Wastman: The Patrick Stump look-alike held numerous jobs in his past, but none compared to his love for music. Seeing his parents pass away at a young age only reaffirmed his commitment to perform professionally. His rendition of Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together' was hands down the best audition of the night. His vocal ability covered the entire spectrum of the song: high notes to low notes, Wastman nailed it stylistic wise. Once again, everyone but Aguilera turned their chairs around, but no one does soul like Cee Lo Green, who picked up Wastman as a vocalist for his team. [WATCH HERE]

Auditions We Didn't See:

  • Todd Kessler - Team Cee Lo
  • Ben Taub - Team Cee Lo
  • Emily Earle - Team Cee Lo  [WATCH ALL 3 HERE]

See ya next week, kids!

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