It's Cee Lo's turn on 'The Voice,' so the viewers know they're in for something good.

And so he decided to pair Nicholas David and Todd Kessler together for a battle of the bears. No really, these two have so much in common, it's almost as if Cee Lo is sitting backstage twiddling his fingers together with an evil grin on his face. He's a mastermind.

Choosing 'She's Gone' by Hall and Oates, the two are both strong vocally, so we can get that out of the way quickly. The true battle here is that the men have grown to admire one another in such a way, they're finding it extremely difficult to have to compete, a hurdle Cee Lo says they'll just have to overcome.

As expected, David and Kessler were spot on during their performance and their voices mesh so well together, that having to choose a sole winner just seems downright cruel. Both deserve to be on a team, darn it!

But as that tiny pinch in our gut predicted, Cee Lo chose Nicholas as the winner and no one stole Todd.