"I don't understand the whole swagger thing. I feel like a grandparent, like when a grandparent asks you how to work a VCR."

And that basically sums up Nicholas David's rehearsal with his coach Cee Lo on 'The Voice' tonight. The dude with the soulful voice was practicing his vocals on Barry White's 'You're the First, the Last, My Everything,' and while his range and tone make it a perfect fit, Cee Lo said he needed more swag.

And so we've come full circle.

His performance was energetic and the vocals were tight, but he needed to put his hand down when it came to the vibrato, because Christina Aguilera was getting a little squirmy with jealousy and anger over in her chair, because after all, that's her move. The only problem with David's performance was that his eyes were closed most of the time, which is odd for a guy who wears glasses.

The coaches obviously loved the show before them, especially because what David looked like didn't match the awesome vocals, but again, it was Adam Levine that came through with the greatest zinger of the night.

After explaining to the audience who Barry White is -- educate yourselves, tweens! -- he noted that Barry White makes "baby-making music," something non-tweens already knew. "I kinda wanna make a baby right now," said Levine, much to our delight. "If I wanna make a baby after listening to Barry White, then you've done your job."

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