If you loved Leonardo DiCaprio and 'The Little Mermaid' when you were a kid, then you and 'The Walking Dead' star Emily Kinney, who plays Beth on the hit TV show, have that in common. The actress and singer-songwriter recently stopped by the PopCrush studio to film an interview and live performance session, and she happily took part in a game of Pop Dive while she was here.

For Pop Dive -- in case you haven't seen the rounds we've done with stars like Lucy Hale (check it out here) or the Vamps (watch it here) -- we ask celebrities to think back on all the fun pop culture memories that shaped their childhoods. Emily got nostalgic as she talked about her celebrity crush, her first album, her favorite Saturday morning cartoon and the song that reminds her of her very first boyfriend. Plus, she revealed what she watched behind her parents' backs -- and she even sang a snippet of her all-time favorite Disney song for us.

Dive back into Emily's pop past by watching the video above! And be sure to check out her lovely performance of 'Julie' below.

Watch Emily Kinney Perform 'Julie' Live at PopCrush