Music is, of course, a huge part of Emily Kinney's life. In part one of our interview with her, 'The Walking Dead' star explained she was inspired to write her infectious track 'Julie' after a real-life experience with a guy she liked. When the actress stopped by the PopCrush studio to film this interview and a live music performance, she also talked about how she uses music to prepare for her role in 'The Walking Dead.'

"It depends on the scene," Emily revealed. "Sometimes I don't like to listen to any music. I just like to stay in the moment, run through the lines in my head, be with the other actors who are also in the scene with me."

She did name one particular artist who helped her get into the mindset of her character Beth in the show's most recent season. And like Emily, Beth loves music, so the actress mused about what the character's life would be like if she wasn't living in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.

See Emily discuss 'The Walking Dead,' the importance of music and the advice she has for aspiring actors in the video above -- and if you missed it, watch the first part of her PopCrush interview below.

Emily Kinney Interview, Pt. 1: She Reveals the Inspiration Behind 'Julie'

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