Emily Kinney's bubbly personality is as infectious as her song 'Julie.' When 'The Walking Dead' actress and singer stopped by the PopCrush studio, she chatted about her songwriting inspirations -- including the girl that inspired the track, which is on her new 'Expired Love' EP.

"I wrote 'Julie' actually after an interaction I had with a guy that I really, really liked and I had sort of been really hoping that we would date," Emily explained. "And then I found out that he had a girlfriend."

But does Julie know the singer penned a song in her honor? We won't spoil it for you. You'll have to watch the video to find out!

At the time of the interview, Beth -- Emily's character on 'The Walking Dead' -- had just tried her first sip of alcohol (and moonshine, no less!), so we felt it was appropriate to reminisce with the actress about her own first drink, too.

In the video above, Emily also cites as her musical influences, her favorite Mariah Carey track and where she goes to write songs. Watch it now, and stay tuned to PopCrush for part two of our interview -- coming this week!

Watch Emily Kinney Perform 'Julie'