It’s a good thing Emily Kinney had a back-up plan in place. Now that her role on ‘The Walking Dead’ has officially (and sadly) ended, it looks like she’s ready to make her official foray into the music world with the debut of her new music video for 'Rockstar.'

Emily's debut EP 'Expired Love,' was a pretty folk-inspired effort but 'Rockstar' sees the actress-slash-singer heading in a slightly different direction. The song is a bit more inclined toward a pop sound, backed by some '90s sounding guitars that suit the theme of the song pretty well. In case you aren't sure, the whole theme of the song is about wanting to marry a rockstar and just how great life would be if that dream came true. If we're being honest we'd probably shave 10 years off our lives if it meant we could marry Dave Grohl, so we get it, Emily.

It’s a super cute, fun and casual video shot entirely in black-and-white, with Emily just hanging out with her friends, decked out in updated 90s attire -- flannel, beanie, cropped MTV top and black skinny jeans and singing about her future rockstar husband. Check it out above and let us know if you love it, too!

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