The stage is where pop stars do their work, so there are occupational hazards.

When pop stars fall onstage, it's embarrassing and sometimes painful. It can oftentimes elicit a chuckle from those who witness it. Their rear ends, backs and legs are hurt as easily as their feelings when they trip, stumble, tumble and fall.

We've noticed three common or repeat elements that apply to pop star stage falls.

One is that they usually involve walking up or down steps that are part of the stage props or setup or production.

Two is that a wet stage is often at play, making things slippery and dangerous.

And three is that they always get up, shake it off and resume their live routine without missing a beat. They don't run and cry in a corner, redfaced and embarrassed. That's a skill and a talent to be applauded.

We've collected 10 Epic Stage Falls by some of our favorite pop stars. We're impressed by how pro they were, never staying down for the count!

  • Selena Gomez

    While at the Fairfax, Va. date of her Stars Dance tour in 2013, Selena Gomez stumbled on a ledge promptly landed on her rear in the middle of 'Slow Down.' Sel's tumble takes place at the 3:27 mark. She was jumping up and down, surrounded by falling confetti when her oopsie happened. Fans and security helped her and she resumed her choreography routine. Ain't no thang.

  • One Direction's Louis Tomlinson

    LT took a tumble while performing 'Kiss You' in Australia earlier this year. It was the familiar and common scenario – a wet stage and an artist ultimately on their rump. He looked like he was sliding into home plate. His 1D mates rushed to the singer's aid and they quickly resumed the performance. It was an ouchie moment for sure.

  • Chris Brown

    While performing 'Beautiful People' back in 2011, Breezy walked down a ramp and slid right down on his rump. It probably hurt his tushy and his pride, but he was fine after. Feel free to enjoy six minutes of the fan-filmed performance. But if you are only interested in watching Breezy eat it, then fast-forward to the 3:10 mark. Listen to the fan reaction, too.

  • Lady Gaga

    This is probably the most epic stage fall. During a rendition of 'You & I' back in 2011, Lady Gaga, wearing dangerously high stilettos, lost her balance while standing with one leg  on the piano stool and the other on the piano itself. She wasn't courting trouble; she was straight up married to it! As expected, Ma Monster wound up on the floor. She sang while on her back and got right up to resume what she was doing. But that looked like it had to hurt. Those heels will get her every time. In fact, we're surprised they don't "get her" more often.

  • Drake

    While performing 'Take Care' in the U.K., Drake ate it at the 1:28 mark. But did he run and hide in embarrassment? No way. He did a tumblesalt on the stage and was cool as a cucumber. Nice work, Drizzy. There is a reason we call him Last Name, Ever. First Name, Greatest. It's for his calmness in the stage fall storm.

  • Justin Bieber

    In this epic stage fall, Justin Bieber fell while walking down the steps, which messed up a carefully choreographed routine. He was duetting with Carly Rae Jepsen on 'Beautiful' in their native Canada. They each walked up steps on opposite sides and met in the middle. At 1:59, The Biebs stumbled and then slid down the steps on his butt, which was probably more embarrassing than it was painful. Oops! (Full disclosure: This one makes us giggle the most.)

  • Beyonce

    Whoa! Even Queen Beyonce can end up on her butt! The class act ate it -- and hard -- while dancing and rocking out. But she got up like nothing happened! The overall quality of this video is poor, but her fall down the steps at 13 seconds in is clearly visible. She went down without any sort of grace, but you'd never know from how she rebounded. Like they say -- it's not how you fall but how you rise.

  • Rihanna

    In this epic stage fall, Rihanna was dancing and rocking out when she tripped over herself and went down onto her hands and knees, which always hurts. But RiRi "ribounded" and got up quickly and even seemed to be laughing at herself over her footwork gaffe. When you're dancing that hard and getting into your gig, accidents like this are inevitable.

  • Pink

    Pink was in Germany, performing 'So What' when she fell off the stage and into the crowd. The singer is known for her live acrobatics and stunts, so a fall is bound to happen here and there. She appeared to have hurt herself pretty bad, but it hasn't stopped her from continuing to be a live daredevil in her stage show. We're just glad she was okay. But it got dicey, as you can see from the post-fall, fan-filmed footage.

  • Demi Lovato

    While rocking out in Chicago, Demi Lovato hit the deck at around the 1:07 mark of this video. She was full of energy and good vibes while performing when BAM! Out of nowhere, she went down like a ton of bricks. But our gal Demi didn't let the fall deter her from her mission or stop her from completing her appointed rounds. She got right back up and kept going for her Lovatics.