If you're feeling bored with life, let Estelle lift your spirits with her fun video 'Wonderful Life.' The sing-along track is from her latest LP 'All of Me.' In the video, the British songbird invites viewers into her life on the road as she travels the world to perform in front of huge crowds.

Directed by Irene Sheffield, the clip begins with a rundown of Estelle's travel destinations, including Sweden, Japan, Norway, Moscow and Jamaica. Then we see clips of Estelle performing onstage interposed with backstage footage of her greeting fans, signing autographs and preparing for a show.

Being a world traveler, Estelle also enjoys seeing the sites so there are scenes of her feet-paddling on a boat in Italy and hanging out in the Red Square in Moscow. At the end of the clip, she visits the beautiful island of Jamaica and performs in front of the locals at a beach party.

"Hey! I'm winning today / My smile is OK at the end of the line / And I'm fine, no thorns in my side / Somebody remind me, it's a wonderful life," she sings on the uplifting song. Estelle is definitely winning in our book.

In the end, Estelle's 'Wonderful Life' video is an excellent reminder to be grateful with what you have and to enjoy life to the fullest whenever possible.