We all know U.K. songbird Estelle loves an 'American Boy.' So it's only right that she enlist two of the hottest American boys, well, rather, men for her new song 'International (Serious).' R&B macks Chris Brown and Trey Songz get serious on this club banger that will appear on Estelle's new album 'All of Me.'

Produced by David Banner, 'International' features the trio singing and rapping about being world travelers and ballin' in first-class on airplane flights to exotic places. "Everybody know me up in here / Up in here / I'm running around and round the world / Yeah, it's serious / Can't be talking out here, ringing in my ear / I'm getting dollars, getting pounds / This time it's serious," croons Estelle.

Songz and Breezy chime in with boasts of living the glamorous life and collecting currency from unknown countries. "Somebody tell the pilot that the flyest has arrived / Tell 'em I'm probably be the flyest till I die," raps Songz.

Skies the limit for Estelle, Breezy and Trigga. Their frequent flyer miles are quite serious and they are not afraid to pass through airport security with their blinged-out jewels. All kidding aside, 'International' is the perfect song to play in the clubs from here to Zimbabwe.

Estelle's new album 'All of Me' will fly into stores on Feb. 28.

Listen to Estelle, 'International (Serious)'