Absolutely not! Seriously there's no way I'd ever go on the roller coaster that currently leads the world as the fastest and tallest so don't even get me started about the newest one being built.

There’s a reason the fastest, tallest roller coaster in the world right now has the word "king" in it. Kingda Ka speeds up to 128 miles per hour on its upside-down U-shaped track that takes you 45 stories up into the sky according to Six Flags. Clearly, this isn't for the faint of heart.

Kingda Ka is at the Six Flags in Jackson, New Jersey between Philadelphia and New York City. However, according to WHTM news, it's about to lose its crown.

Six Flags wants to go faster and taller than its Kingda Ka so it plans to break its very own record with a roller coaster that I cannot even fathom. Each train in this newest coaster will have only 14 passengers. Each row will come with its own windshield to protect riders from the elements.

Intamin Exa Coaster YouTube
Intamin Exa Coaster YouTube

According to WHTM, Six Flags is building a new one that will soon be the world’s tallest, longest, and fastest roller coaster called Falcon's Flight. It will somewhat dwarf the 456 feet that the Kingda Ka soars. The Falcon's Flight will lift riders up to a heart-thumping 650 feet. That's half the size of the Empire State Building.

As for speed? Forget 128 miles per hour, how about 156 miles per hour at its fastest? I kid you not. There is a catch if you were thinking of trying this out. Meanwhile, get your passports ready because Six Flags plans to build this more than 13,000-foot-long coaster at Six Flags Qiddya, which is in Saudi Arabia.

By the way, that 13,000 is nearly a mile longer than the current longest coaster in the world called the Steel Dragon 2000 located in Japan.

Click here to see a rendering of Falcon's Flight.

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