Harry Styles of One Direction has a ton of tattoos, and today (Feb. 1, 2013), on the crooner's 19th birthday, we want Directioners to weigh in on their favorite piece of Hazza's ink.

FYI to all of the Directioners out there: We've only included Harry's most prominent and recognizable tattoos. His body has become a human canvas over these past few months, and it's difficult to distinguish every single piece of ink the hottie has, especially since some are so abstract.

Of course, we had to include the pirate ship Styles had tatted onto his bicep with ex-GF Taylor Swift by his side. Next to that, he has a solid black heart, as well as a variety of other arm tattoos, including the classic comedy and tragedy masks, a solid black star and an empty birdcage.

Some other tattoos inked onto the One Direction heartthrob? He's got '17 BLACK' across the left side of his chest in honor of his movie hero James Bond, and he also has two large, matching swallow birds on either side of his pectorals (which actually look to be a cover up of a banner that read "Love" or "Lover," as you can see in the 'Kiss You' video).

Harry also had his amateur ink artist/professional songwriter buddy Ed Sheeran tattoo a tiny lock on his wrist (Harry's also got a key to match), and there's a small parachute floating about on Styles' bicep as well.

But Harry's tattoo portfolio isn't limited to just pictures. Although some think he has botched Temper Trap lyrics on his arm ("Won't stop till we surrender," when the line is actually "Won't stop to surrender"), he also some cute tats like a small, handwritten "A" for his mom Anne, as well as his sister Gemma's name in Hebrew. Finally, Harry also has some the words "I can't change..." on his left wrist, and "Things I can't..." up further on his opposite forearm. He also recently got "Might as well" on his hip.

Check out some pictures of Harry Styles' tattoos below, and vote on your favorite! Also, let us know if we're missing your favorite Hazza tattoo, and we'll add it to the poll! After all, this One Direction guy has a fast and furious appetite for going under the needle, so we're sure there will be many more additions to this as time goes on.

Oh, and we wish you a massive "HAPPY BIRTHDAY," Harry! Hope it's a good one.

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