Lady Gaga is one of the most fashion-forward celebrities in contemporary pop culture, never ceasing to shock and wow people with her costume choices, if only with the slightest details. One thing Gaga never leaves home without is a pair of killer high heels -- and we mean killer in more than one sense here, because most women with the guts to attempt to walk in heels comprable to Gaga would probably fall flat on their faces after the first two steps!

In honor of Gaga's penchant for sporting sky-high and elaborately designed pumps, we've selected four of her most unusual and distinct pairs (albeit a very tough decision) and want all of you little monsters to vote on your favorite pair!

The first pair we chose to highlight are Gaga's sparkly, crystalized heels she wore to the 2010 Grammy Awards. They have an indented heel and matched her Armani orbit outfit perfectly. The second pair of heels are the snake skin, Alexander McQueen-designed ankle breakers Gaga rocked at the 2010 MTV VMAs. McQueen was and still is one of Gaga's favorite designers, and she can also be seen wearing pumps similar to this pair in her 'Bad Romance' video.

The third pair we've selected are another pair of skyscraper heels that would have most women running away screaming at the thought of walking a red carpet in them. However, the always fearless and heel expert Gaga could probably run laps in these gold-studded platforms. Finally, as most little monsters know, Gaga, in true New Yorker fashion, loves her black. She is constantly snapped by photogs wearing black heels, but none of them amaze us like her baffling heel-less heels. How the heck does she do walk in those?! It's truly an art form, and Gaga is the guru.

So, out of these four pairs of high heels worn by Lady Gaga, which are your favorite? Vote below!

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