Tiggi Hawke is about to break out of the wild.

A North London-based pop up-and-comer, the singer-songwriter is currently preparing to release her debut single — but not without a little help from some talented friends.

After Swedish producer Tobtok tackled Tiggi's debut track "Into The Wild," synth-pop dynamo FEMME's gone and given the track a moody re-rub of her own prior to the single's formal release, and just ahead of Tiggi's upcoming debut EP.

We thought it'd be boring to be the ones asking all the questions about the new remix, which is why we enlisted FEMME — who released her own debut album Debutante last week — to strike up a conversation with the rising star about musical inspirations, fashion...and, of course, unicorns. In turn, Tiggi had some questions of her own for FEMME, resulting in an enlightening back-and-forth.

Listen to FEMME's brooding remix of "In The Wild," and read Tiggi and FEMME's Q&A below.

Tiggi: I love how you’ve remixed "In The Wild." how did you get into producing?

FEMME: I realized early on that to be able to articulate and protect my artistic vision I needed to be able to record myself and that's when I started producing my own songs. I quickly taught myself my way around Logic and Ableton and I've never looked back since. Over the years I've had my head down, working, writing, pushing myself to improve. You'll be able to hear that process on my album from my early singles to where I am now.

Tiggi: I was lucky enough to see you perform at your album launch last week which I thought was amazing. Was there a moment or a show that inspired your performances?

FEMME: I'm inspired by massive pop icons of the past and present. I take a lot of inspiration from '60s music TV and the Phil Spector girl groups. I love the way everything was choreographed and thought out but with also this charming, shambolic nonchalance about it - as an audience we watch those groups and can imagine ourselves in their place, doing the moves. I also draw a lot of inspiration from pop icons of the '80s: Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, and more obscure references like Bow Wow Wow and Sousxie and the Banshees. David Bowie, too. Artists with visual identities as strong as their sonic ones.

Tiggi: Let’s talk pets… I have 2 terrapins (Enrique and Elsie) and a pygmy hedgehog called Tarantino. Have you got any pets?

FEMME: I've got the fluffiest mutt in south east London. She's called Bullet (Btown, Bdog, Bdizzle, MiniB) and she's the size of a squirrel, but with the heart of a lion. She comes everywhere with me.

Tiggi: TV shows or movies? And then popcorn or chocolate?

FEMME: When I have the attention span, always a movie. There are so many classic movies out there I'm still discovering for the first time - many of which I can't believe no one has made me sit down a watch before now! I get a lot of my lyrical inspiration from the stories told in movies. Oh, and always chocolate. Between me and you (and the rest of the internet) I don't get popcorn. At all. Ever.

Tiggi: Is there someone in particular you aspire to, either music-related or not?

FEMME: Real people, with real stories and real dramas. I find I spend a lot of my time in the online world which is increasingly fake and forged. I find moments when I can overhear my neighbours arguing or the ladies running my local greasy spoon gossiping the most inspiring and remind me that I am alive and there is a real world and there is so much more going on.

FEMME: Hi Tiggi! What was the last picture you took on your phone?

Tiggi: I just got sent a photo of my flatmates dog, Peach, who I absolutely love. She’s literally a walking/parkour-ing teddy bear! The last photo I took myself was of my new Star Wars DVD… I don’t think there’s enough words to capture the excitement of that moment.

FEMME: "In The Wild" is a great tune, when I was remixing it I had visions of Wildlings roaming around on barren landscapes and to me it sounds like it has a lot of fight in it. If you were a boxer, what would be your entrance music?

Tiggi: I actually love boxing and I’d totally be lying if I said I’d never thought about this before! It’d have to be "Welcome To The Jungle" by Guns N’ Roses because who isn't intimidated by a girl air-guitaring towards the ring…

FEMME: What are your goals as a popstarlet, what have you got your sights set on?

Tiggi: My goal has always been for as many people to hear my music and lyrics as possible and I’ve been overwhelmed by the response so far, it’s more than I ever imagined! Right now I’m set on continuing that goal and just seeing where it takes me, I’ve been able to work with some incredible people so far (including this awesome girl called Femme, you might know her!) and I can’t wait to work with more and more people.

FEMME: You're riding around in a chariot (naturally). Is it being pulled by pink elephants or unicorns?

Tiggi: Unicorns! I mean, I love elephants, but come on if someone said you could have a unicorn, who in their right mind would say no?! Not me, I’ll tell you that. *insert unicorn emoji here*

FEMME: Sending your last question back your way... is there anyone you aspire to, inside or outside of music?

Tiggi: Well 2 people who really inspire me are Jane Goodall and Daisy Ridley. They both have strong morals and are so down to earth, its refreshing and actually very courageous. They way they speak their minds and are so real when it come to feminism and the world we live in is something I can only aspire to. We need more people like that!!

"In The Wild" is Tiggi Hawke's debut single.

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